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Wiley X

WileyX asked us to help tell their story by creating three videos, showcasing some of their top athletes. 

Location Scouting, Crewing, Video Capture, Video Editing, Permitting, Payroll, Scheduling, Contracts, Craft Services.


wiley x videos

Wiley X makes the toughest sunglasses and tactical eyewear you can find.  Partnering with Portland agency Sasquatch and DP Liam Gillies, we were asked to produce a series of human interest stories showcasing how three adventurous visionaries depended on their Wiley X eyewear in the field.

We had pre-production meetings with each of the subjects to get to know them, hear about what made them tick, and get an idea for where we thought each documentary-style video would go.  Meeting them ahead of time and getting to know each other made our interviews on set natural and comfortable.

We shot three very different subjects on location, as our nimble team followed them on their adventures.  Locked gates, unpredictable weather, and lost paths were no match for our badass crew.

Wiley X and Sasquatch were stoked about the tasteful and subtle way that the glasses featured in the video profiles about visionaries.