Project Scope Worksheet

Let's get to work!  Tell us what you're working on 👯 

Good communication starts here- the more you can inform us about your project the better.  Go nuts!

After you fill out this form, these are the next steps...

  1. PROPOSAL - Once we understand your ask, we'll provide a budget proposal.
  2. SIGNED AGREEMENT - Like what you see?  Sign it.  Let's do this ⚡️
  3. ADVANCE DEPOSIT - 50% to get started, 50% when we deliver.  Easy peasy.
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When do you arrive? Co-ordination meetings? Shoot dates? Editing time? Deadline for delivery?
Who, what, where, when, how?
Where will the content live, and for how long? In general, who is the audience?
What is the budget range we're trying to land in? What's ideal, what's the max?