Copy of Photographers


Hey photographers, let us produce your next photo shoot.
We’ve got your dream team, and we’ll knock out your paperwork while we’re at it.

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⚡️Let Us Fight For You! ⚡️

Creating Budgets, Sending Estimates, Calling Crew are all things we nerd out on. Let us handle it for you. 

1. Proposal Process - We're happy to send multiple proposals until the budget is dialed, and all parties are happy. Dollars communicate scope and expectations, and we're comfortable talking dollars and cents.

2. We exist to support the creative. That's you - Our goal is to allow you to perform at your best, focusing on the art and delivering for the client.

3. We're looking for win, win, win situations - You get paid what you're worth, we take on the stressful parts, you make cool shit safely and legally.


We Proud 🙏🏼

If you can't tell, we're proud of our work. Here are some nerdy fun facts about our process.

Pre-Production Efficiencies - We run on Google Drive. Conference "calls" become Google Hangouts. Creative Briefs, Production Notebooks, COIs, Calls Sheets, all live in a shared folder, giving you access to live, always up to date documents. No digging through emails to find what you need. 

Locations, permits, contracts, insurance, travel, lodging, craft services, payroll, taxes and marketing- These are the things we groove doing.  Let us cover the backend so you can work on what you do best, being creative.

Time is money - How many hours are you spending on pre-pro?  Are you charging clients hourly for work spent leading up to a shoot?  Are you charging enough for licensing fees?  Collaboration can decrease your hours worked, while increasing your day rate and elevating the entire industry.


We're Big Fans of Good Fits, and Healthy Partnerships.

This is where, "Be Easy to Work With" lives and breathes.

1. Production Can Be Hectic - Preparation, planning, organization, safety, and tidy execution can help to alleviate stress and ensure you're getting what you need. These are things we nerd out on, if you haven't noticed 😊.

2. Open and Clear Communication - Talking in dollars and cents can get everyone on the same page, but not everything revolves around budget. Having clear and open communication and help ensure we're equipped with everything we need, and you're feeling psyched about your upcoming production. Don't hesitate to reach out at any point with any questions!

3. You Can't Predict the Weather - But you damn sure can do everything possible to be prepared. Slim budgets, tight deadlines and unexpected accidents happen. Sloppy production mistakes don't have to. We've created a system and business which revolves around being prepared.


🌹 Smell the Roses 🌹

We realize how fortunate we are to be earning a living doing what we love, with people we call friends, in our amazing city of Portland, Oregon. If you're traveling in, we're happy to show you a good time while you're here. Let's whistle while we work and enjoy this!


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