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Hi Amber!  Let's do this ⚡

It's all about story.  Connecting the audience to your core message, and making it stick.  Below is a short I directed last year with our crew.  At the core is the interview, the time we dig for the details and probe for the little gems that come from the heart of our subject.  Around this we build the arc of our story, and match the visuals to support the story.  Sitting down with your CDO and getting a tour of the subject before we film is HUGE.  The question we are seeking to answer: who/what is the subject of this piece, and what is it's true tale?


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Captivating statements from your CDO need images to match.  Below is a reel from Jesse (our camera operator on the above project) showing his other work.  Matching dynamic b-roll footage creates a cohesive final deliverable.


Creative drives budget.

Based on the video you shared, and considering the number of shots needed to communicate the big picture, here is our estimate to match.  If selected for this project we will want to discuss creative with your team, and then revisit budget once more before signing an official proposal.


Thank you!

Looking forward to introducing you to our rad team and making something we are all proud of  ❤️