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Nike Golf

We helped Nike Golf tell their story by documenting in-studio what looks key athletes like Tiger Woods would sport during major tournaments.

In-Studio Production, Styling, Craft Services, Product Photography, Studio Rental, Retouching.

nike golf laydowns

Nike Golf is the leader in performance golf shoes and apparel.  For their avid fans, Nike Golf built a following by sharing what Tiger and Rory would wear each day of a major event.  Working with Nike Golf’s creative team, photographer Liam Gillies, and stylist Karyn Fiebich we produced over 20 shoots in 3 years showing the elite looks that athletes would sport during major tournaments.


An incredibly detailed eye is imperative for product shots like these.  We worked with a lean team of photographer, producer, stylist, and PA along with the Art Director from Nike Golf to make sure we always captured the perfect polo or club.

Consistency is key in ongoing projects like this, so keeping our same crew for three years was invaluable.  Whether we were shooting for the Masters, US Open, PGA Championship, or the British Open, we always wanted to show the clothing in the same light.

With a lot of eyes on our work, we had to make sure that every detail counted.  Each instagram post would average over 10,000 likes.

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