Proposal for the Mt. Hood/Columbia River Gorge Region Tourism Alliance (MHCRGRTA) submitted by Isaac Lane Koval and See/Saw Visual Production Co.

Proposal for: Mt. Hood/Columbia River Gorge Region Tourism Alliance (MHCRGRTA)


We grew up here. 

As a team of Oregon natives, we love telling the stories of our state.  

  1. PROCESS:  For each of the six videos, we propose two days of production: (1) scout + b-roll + pre-interview trip per video, and one (1) filming day per video.  For example:
    1. Day 1: Isaac travels to Mosier to meet with Ms. Jones and scout locations with her.  He brings his camera and grabs some nice nature/establishing shots.  He preps her on some of the interview topics they'll be discussing.
    2. Day 2: Isaac, Darren, and Dorian travel to Mosier to conduct and film the interview, capture footage on A-cam, B-cam and Drone.
  2. SIMILAR WORK:  All three of our team members have experience producing, directing, and editing human interest stories.  These follow the convention of combining interview footage with b-roll of the subject conduction the action they're describing.
  3. SAMPLES: See links below in "Samples of Work".
  4. QUALIFICATIONS:  Between the three of us (Isaac, Darren, and Dorian) we offer a combined 29 years of experience.  Isaac has been a freelance photographer/DP for over 10 years, Darren a freelance producer for 8, and Dorian a DP/editor for 11.
  5. BILLING DETAILS:  Please find our detailed proposal by clicking on the link below "Proposal PDF Download".  This is a "fixed proposal" meaning the total amount proposed is the cost of the job, regardless of actual expenses.  In our experience, this method best protects both parties.
    • Agency/Company: Sasquatch Contact Name: Thomas Morris Contact Phone: 503.819.9855 Contact Email:  Website:  Products Delivered: Three videos, each telling the story of unique entrepreneurs, “Wiley X: Visionaries”
    • Agency/Company: BPN Contact Name: Lori Gaffney Contact Phone: 503.504.2730 Contact Email: Website: Products Delivered: Video showcasing the culture of the agency, displayed on their homepage. Local broadcast advertisement for the Portland Opera.
    • Agency/Company: Nike Running Contact Name: Cory Roberts Contact Phone: 503.422.9100 Contact Email: Website: Products Delivered: Video capturing design and attention to detail of Nike pop-up dome for Pre-Classic.
  7. DISTRIBUTION: We are close friends with a number of Oregon based Instagram influencers, and have included pricing in our proposal to promote on their accounts.  We also recommend a combo of Facebook Ads and a PPC campaign via Google AdWords on select sites (including your own) to promote your videos to your target demographic.
    • Andrew Studer: @andrew.studer ~138K followers
    • Alex Borsuk: @alexborsuk ~ 58.9K followers
    • Jarett Juarez: @jarettjuarez ~ 21.5K followers


Proposal PDF Download


Isaac was commissioned by Vice Sports to follow mascot Timber Joey around for two days and capture his story.  This is a wild day-in-the-life of a beloved Oregon personality.

Darren Utt, Producer

Darren was hired by Portland ad agency Sasquatch to produce a short series of human interest videos.  Elite kiteboarder and swimsuit designer Sensi Graves shares her story of living the dream in Hood River, OR.

As part of the same series Darren produced for Sasquatch and their client Wiley X, outdoor photographer Tyler Roemer talks of what motivates him and demonstrates the extreme lengths he will go to in search of the magic shot.

Dorian Warneck, Camera (DP)/Editor

Dorian produced, directed and edited this piece for Cotton Branch, a sanctuary for neglected, abused, abandoned, and senior farm animals in need.