freelance photo & video production

Gerber Gear

We helped Gerber Gear document new products for use on their website, with consistent budget management.

Studio Rental, Product Photography, Consistent Budget Management, Retouching.



Gerber Gear is an American brand that is dedicated to crafting problem-solving, life-saving tools. But Gerber had a problem: they have a huge e-commerce need for imagery, and their vendor kept up-charging them.

See/Saw delivered consistent budget management, styling, art direction, photography, and retouching. All on one monthly fee. 

With new products monthly, it was important to Gerber to capture engaging imagery of their products in order to highlight them on their website in a timely manner. 


An incredibly detailed eye is imperative for product shots like these.  We worked with a lean team of photographer, producer, stylist, and PA to keep the budget down. To save client time, rounds of feedback happened remotely, so the Art Director never had to be on set. 



Consistency is key in ongoing projects like this, so keeping our same crew all year was invaluable.  


With hundreds of images delivered, we had to make sure that every detail counted.  

servicesProduction / Product Photography / Studio Rental / Retouching / Budget Management