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Capital One

We helped Capital One build a catalog of family lifestyle imagery for use in campaigns, and on their website on location in San Diego, CA. 

Equipment Rentals, Locations, Crewing, Permitting, Payroll, Scheduling, Contracts, Craft Services, Lifestyle Photography.

Capital One

Capital One investing offers digital financial advice with a human touch.  Portland agency Parliament and photographer Boone Rodriguez called us in to partner with them to help Capital One capture a portfolio of family lifestyle images to use for their website and future campaigns.

We helped Portland-based ad agency Parliament produce a three-day photo campaign in San Diego, including historic Balboa Park, the North Park neighborhood, and in a private home in the San Diego hills.  We hired a rad crew to execute wardrobe, hair and makeup, photo assisting, and production thanks to our friends down in California.

Balboa park was a beautiful location that happened to lack any place to store our huge wardrobe closet.  We came up with a budget-friendly solve (no MoHos on this shoot) by renting a U-Haul with garment racks, and reserving a portion of the public parking lot for our changing tents.

Capital One wanted to show families spending happy times together in and outside the home.  We worked with a group of 18 talent to tell stories of young love, children growing up with confidence, and proud moments in life.

Parliament and Boone Rodriguez could focus on storytelling, because we put all the practical and logistical pieces into place.


servicesProduction (Equipment Rentals, Locations, Crewing, Permitting, Payroll, Scheduling, Contracts, Craft Services), Lifestyle Photography