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Solmate Socks ( booked our own Chelsea Parrett to capture their spring catalog, with some extra time for fun. With their mismatched socks, bright aesthetic and fun vibes, Chelsea was a shoe in to capture the imagery they were looking for. Solmate definitely shares a fun image with See/Saw, if we do say so ourselves. With Chelsea behind the lens, and Hanna Hagen Art Directing it was a slam dunk. Check out some of our favorite images and those COLORS!

Chelsea partnered with a good bud, Tor, to create custom made wooden cubes to add to the aesthetic. With 6 boxes of different colors, ranging in size from 12" to 36" there was plenty for happy feet to hop around on. Check out this short BTS video:

Did you know that See/Saw's own Producer/Coordinator Emma Browne is a total musical shredder? Talk about #bigsistercool. In December of last year, See/Saw partnered with Rare Diagram in which Emma plays multiple instruments, to create their first music video. 

We partnered with Sean Conley, Hanna Hagen, Emma Browne, and Justin Chase of Rare Diagram. A cold day on the beach resulted in some pretty stunning footage. Check out the video and production credits below!

Director and Editor - Hanna Hagen // Director of Photography and Colorist - Sean Conley // Producer - Emma Browne // Recorded and Mixed by Justin Chase and Martin Gonzalez // Written by Justin Chase and Rare Diagram