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2017: Photographers We Supported


Aaron Lee

Client: SKB Properties

The Ask: Produce a one-day photoshoot capturing SKB execs looking their best, while matching the look, tone, and feel of assets captured the year before. 

How We Delivered: See/Saw provided: Budget Management, Craft Service, Prop Rental , Sourcing Photo Crew, Insurance, Production Coordinator, Rate Negotiation.

Working with Aaron, See/Saw gathered a dream team photo squad including photo assistant, digital technician, producer and production coordinator.  All worked to make sure that Aaron could do what he does best: be creative and in the moment. 

Over one day Aaron and the See/Saw team photographed multiple employees who had limited time away from their offices in multiple scenarios and locations. In addition to shooting employees in the office, See/Saw helped to coordinate the rental of a specific table to re-create a photograph from 2016. Check out some of the images below, we can't tell if they had any fun 😂.

Kristyna Archer

The Garden Party - Impossible Foods

The Ask: When LA-based photographer Kristyna Archer (represented by The Garden Party NYC) was approached to shoot social assets for Impossible Foods in Portland, See/Saw got the call for production support.

How We Delivered: See/Saw provided: Budget Management, Sourcing local Photo and Video Crew, Insurance, Craft Service, Advising out of town client on lodging, Food Styling, Production Notebook.

Over the course of two days, Kristyna shot photo and video assets for Impossible's social media channels. With a photo assist, digital technician, video, sound, and a food stylist Kristyna was able to be creative and shoot while the See/Saw team supported in coordinating the next shot. This allowed Kristyna to shoot at four locations over the course of two days without feeling rushed. 

Impossible Foods is looking to change the way the world thinks about meat - by making a meatless burger. For the release of their bulk no-meat burger in Portland, Impossible Foods partnered with four acclaimed chefs and restaurants. See/Saw helped Impossible Foods share this exciting launch into Portland to their almost 55,000 followers. Check out what we delivered below. 

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