About Us


See/Saw is a group of experienced photo and video producers.
We help clients make THA BEST assets for the stories they tell. ✌️


Darren Utt
Founder / Producer

Darren wishes sleep was optional, books wouldn't take so long, and more cheese 🧀

He has 8 years of photo/video production experience in Portland, serving clients including: Nike Golf, BMW, Triumph, Hanna Andersson, CapitalOne.

Emma Browne

Emma wishes instant transportation existed and that Hogwarts was a real place.  

She has 5 years of experience in photography, production, and photo assisting.  She's worked with clients including Nike, BMW, Capital One, Mitchell & Ness, Wiley X, Original Marines, and Willamette Week.

Hanna Hagen
Art Director / Producer

Hanna wishes she could play every instrument in the world, all buildings came with swimming pools, and time travel was real.

She has 10 years of experience producing and directing stills and moving image in Portland and NYC, serving clients including: Starbucks, Google, Nestle, Adult Swim, J.Crew, Ralph Lauren, Columbia Pictures.

Chelsea Parrett
Producer / Stylist

Chelsea wishes someone could make a technical sequin jacket for the rain, all cats and dogs got along, and LAZERS!

She has 8 years of photography, styling and production experience in Portland, serving clients including: Chaco, Snow Peak, Red Bull, Subaru, YETI Coolers, Keen, Mountain Hardwear, Jungmaven, Poler, Stumptown, Instrument.

Our values


Collaborative Mentorship

We’re in this together. 1-on-1 artistic advising, info swaps, networking events.  We've created a company that connects and inspires artists.

Fair and Transparent Pay

We believe in getting paid what you're worth.  That’s why all our vendors know their billed rate. We invest in our industry, offering profit sharing to those artists that partner with us.

Community Investment

Lending a megaphone to those that need one, we partner with one local nonprofit each year to satisfy photo and video wish lists.